Did you know?

  • There are more that 35 sanctioned regattas in Ontario every year!
  • A minimum four (4) RCA licensed umpires MUST be on duty at all regattas for the duration of the regatta?
  • Umpires are not all old and crabby? They are dedicated to ensuring that regattas are safe and that athletes are treated fairly
  • Umpires can be rowers, coaches, parents/relatives of rowers, anyone who wants to watch racing up close. Its a great job for Masters rowers
  • New Umpires are assigned a Mentor Umpire who can help them learn the ropes and answer their questions

Some knowledge and a love of rowing from your experience as a rower, coach, parent, or volunteer
A strong desire to ensure that regattas are safe and athletes are always treated fairly
Availability to attend and umpire at some regattas each season

If you want to broaden your knowledge of rowing, test your decision-making abilities, give back to the rowing community or simply wish to support an amateur sport, umpiring may be for you.

Contact the Umpires Committee for more information: umpires@rowontario.ca.

1. In order to deliver an Umpire Training Session (known as a clinic), ROWONTARIO requires a minimum of four people to register. If fewer than four sign up, then the clinic is cancelled and the participants are encouraged to sign up for the next available clinic.

2. The registration fee is $30 payable to ROWONTARIO. Registration should be completed online before the start of the clinic. This is done at the same time as registration. Check our Events page to see upcoming Umpire clinics and to register for one.

3. Once participants are registered they are encouraged to read the RCA Rules of Racing which can be obtained from Rowing Canada’s website.

4. The clinic involves going over the Rules of Racing with practical situations.

5. The clinic is usually of 6 to 7 hours’ duration and traditionally delivered on a weekend. If there is interest, sometimes the schedule can be arranged to offer a clinic over two evenings during the week.

6. Once the registrant attends a clinic s/he is called an Associate Umpire and in Ontario is assigned a Mentor who will assist with any rowing umpiring questions or issues the Associate Umpire may have.

7. The Associate Umpire is encouraged to participate in as many regattas as possible in order to gain practical experience. At a minimum, this should be five regattas over two years in order to gain the full experience. However it depends on the individual as to how fast s/he progresses.

8. When the Mentor feels the Associate Umpire has obtained sufficient experience, or when the Associate Umpire wants – the Mentor will recommend to the Associate Umpire to take the Umpire’s licence exam. The exam consists of two parts – the written exam and the practical exam. If the Associate Umpire passes the written exam s/he is allowed to proceed to the practical exam. When the Associate Umpire passes the practical exam then the Associate is issued an RCA Umpire’s licence, and in Ontario, is provided with a Rule Book and an Umpire’s tie. Examination dates will be posted on our Events page as they become available.

9. Should the Associate Umpire fail the practical exam, s/he is then encouraged to get more practical experience. But with a Mentor this should not occur. The steps to becoming an Associate Umpire and subsequently an Umpire in Ontario should be a relatively easy process as the tools are in place and all we require are the personnel—we need people to be Associates and that could be YOU!

10. There are five umpiring levels in Canada:
Level 1 – Associate Umpire
Level 2 – Umpire
Level 3 – Chief Umpire
Level 4 – Umpire Clinician (Instructor)
Level 5 – FISA Umpire
(International Licence)

Contact the Umpires Committee for more information: umpires@rowontario.ca.