ROWONTARIO will send a Call for Umpires out for sanctioned rowing events in Ontario. To have a Call for Umpires sent out, please send all event details to with the subject line Call for Umpires: Event Name. Please ensure to replace your event name in the subject line. All Calls for Umpires will only be sent once the event has been approved for sanctioning.

2018 FISA Jury Selections

World Rowing Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, September 9-16
William Donegan (Toronto, ON)

World Coastal Championships, Sydney, British Columbia, October 11-14
Debbie Wood (Toronto, ON)

2018 National Regatta Juries Nominations

Royal Canadian Henley Regatta- St Catharines, Ontario | Régate canadienne royale d’Henley (St. Catharines, Ontario) 06-Aug to 12-Aug:

Chief Umpire|Juge-arbitre en chef – Ken Campbell- Ontario

Assistant Chief Umpire|Juge-arbitre en chef adjoint – Tom Blacquiere- Ontario


Pat Brand- British Columbia

Jane Sorensen- British Columbia

Jeff Rankin- New Brunswick

Sheila Leach- Saskatchewan


Cheryl Arends- Ontario


Tristan Armesto- Ontario

Marie-Sophie Desaulniers- Ontario


Canadian University Championships- Niagara Region, Ontario | Championnats universitaires canadiens (Burnaby, Colombie-Britannique) 02-Nov to 03-Nov:

Chief Umpire- Melanie Bryce- Ontario

Deputy Chief Umpire- Andrew Smith- Ontario


Samantha Brisbin- Manitoba

Bonnie Anderson- Nova Scotia

Eric Therrien- Quebec

Murray Christie- Ontario

Jane Jarvis- Ontario

Tammy Jacobson- Ontario

Carol Purcer- Ontario

Bill Sheldon- Ontario

Meredith Smith- Ontario

Spare | Juge de réserve:

Peter Sage- British Columbia

Audra Vair- Alberta


To round out the Jury for the Canadian University Championships, the following umpires have been selected by the ROWONTARIO Umpire Committee:

Tristan Armesto – Ontario

Marie-Sophie Desaulniers – Ontario
Leslie Milbury – Ontario
Judy Sutcliffe – Ontario
Brian Thorne – Ontario


National Rowing Championships- Burnaby, British Columbia | Championnats nationaux d’aviron (Burnaby, Colombie-Britannique) 08-Nov to 11-Nov:

Chief Umpire|Juge-arbitre en chef – Ge-An Rijnieersce – British Columbia

Assistant Chief Umpire|Juge-arbitre en chef adjoint- Debbie Sage – British Columbia


Kris Davis- British Columbia

Hap Stelling- New Brunswick

Julie Ann Vincent- Nova Scotia

Wes Kuran- Ontario

Lise Trent- Manitoba

Charles Hauss- Quebec

David Woytowich- Saskatchewan


Errol Bosman- Alberta

Spare | Juge de réserve:

Errol Bosman- Alberta

National Jury Selection Documents