Regatta Sanctioning for Ontario Regattas

The purpose of sanctioning is to ensure the safe and fair organization of regattas. Unsanctioned regattas are not covered under Rowing Canada Aviron’s insurance policy. Rowing Canada Aviron delegates the sanctioning of all rowing regattas, except for designated National Regattas, to the Provincial Rowing Associations. Consequently, ROWONTARIO is responsible for sanctioning rowing regattas taking place in Ontario.

For further information or to submit a sanctioning request, please email the ROWONTARIO Sanctions Officer at

Procedures for Sanctioning Requests

We are accepting sanctioning requests for Ontario regattas held during 2017.

Step 1: Contact for a Chief Umpires list.  Contact a Chief Umpire to confirm involvement in your regatta.

Step 2: Complete documents and email to

Step 3: The ROWONTARIO Sanctions Officer will review and communicate with you regarding next steps/sanction approval.

Sanctioning Documents

Event Sanction Policy

Event Sanction Overview

Event Sanction Application

Event Report

Sanction Application Supporting Info