ROWONTARIO is excited to announce a new program for our membership. We recognize that there are many coaches and athletes in Ontario who would benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with one another, but due to geographical locations, are unable to readily access these networks. In response to this, ROWONTARIO has implemented a new program aimed to develop a Remote Coaching Network (RCN). This network will be primarily based online with the use of coaching to video, webinars, and tailored workshops, but will also include dryland and on-water training camps for participants. ROWONTARIO has selected qualified coaches as specialized advisors in the areas of technology, coaching and training. Along with regional coaches, who will act as mentors to participants within the program, these advisors will work as mentors and resources for all participants across the province.

Listed bellow are the qualified Remote Coaching Network Regional Coaches and Advisors.

RCN Advisors include:

Dan Bechard – Technology Advisor

Sheryl Preston – Training Advisor

Alan Oldham – Coaching Advisor

RCN Regional Coaches include:

Amanda Schweinbenz – North RC

Sheryl Preston – Central RC

Alan Oldham – West RC

Jamie Bell – East RC

We are looking forward to this project and are excited to be working with 39 Developing Coaches & Club Lead Athletes from across 21 different rowing clubs in Ontario.

Questions and/or comments should be directed to Sport Development Coordinator, Sydney Boyes, or 416-759-8405.


“Inspiring excellence in Ontario rowing clubs through a remote network of support for developing coaches and lead athletes: helping coaches, helping athletes.”


“Leading change and inspire excellence by tapping into the under-utilized potential of developing coaches & club lead athletes (in remote locations), to better support coaching knowledge and delivery of programs across the province, allowing mentees the resources and contacts to help athletes across Ontario.”

Funding for this program has been made available by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport through the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund.