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Ontario Rowing Association (ORA) – dba ROWONTARIO

The 2017 ROWONTARIO Governance Committee, of which the Nominations Sub-Committee is a sub-committee was seized with the task in August 2017 of ensuring that a slate of eligible candidates was ready for the consideration of the membership at the November Annual General Meeting.


There are three vacancies including the Treasurer, Secretary, and one Director position set for election at this meeting.


The Governance Committee had identified a need to select individuals with experience in one or more of the following sectors: (1) financial professional; (2) personnel management/human resource professionals; (3) private and public fundraising/donor fundraising, marketing or sponsorship; and (4) government relations (municipal, provincial or national levels).


In accordance with Section 15 C. of the ORA Constitution, the Governance Committee including the Nominating Sub-Committee presents the following Slate of Candidates for election at the 2017 Annual General Meeting:



The Nomination Sub-Committee is nominating Judy Sutcliffe (Toronto) as the candidate for Secretary.

Judy is seeking re-election.



The Nomination Sub-Committee is nominating Pippa Hobbes (Toronto) as candidate for Treasurer.  A bio on Pippa can be found here.



The Sub-Committee is recommending Jurgen Schubert (Toronto) for the Director position. Jurgen is seeking re-election.


Other Candidates

In accordance with Section 15 D. i. of the ORA Constitution which states: “Other Candidates for any of the Elected Offices of the Association shall announce their intent, in writing, to the Secretary, no less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.”  and Section 15 D. ii. “Such Candidates require the sponsorship of two (2) Voting Member Clubs/Associations/Organizations in good standing. Candidates for offices must an ORA Registered Participant in good standing.”


For the 2017 Annual General Meeting, other candidates must submit their intent, in writing, by Thursday October 27, 2016.   Submissions should be sent to ROWONTARIO via email to


On behalf of the Nomination Sub-Committee,

Sara Erskine, Chair.