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ROWONTARIO was pleased to host its Annual Awards presentation on Saturday, December 1st, 2018 in Toronto, ON. With the addition of the Trillium Chase medalists and cup winners, as well as the new Long Service Awards, the Awards Committee did a great job of keeping the presentation on time.

The presentation opened with acknowledgements of the 2018 ROWONTARIO Volunteer Certificate recipients. These certificates were given to club representatives to be distributed by clubs to their volunteers.

The inaugural Trillium Chase was celebrated next. With categories separate by age and gender, the top points collector in each category were awarded a gold medal. Following the medal presentation, Amber Oke and Giusseppe Lund, the female and male points leaders, were awarded the Trillium Cup (with a topper crafted by Giusseppe!).

Next, the ROWONTARIO Long Service Award, acknowledging our outstanding volunteers, was a welcomed addition to the presentation. Nominations were received for service ranging from 15 to 65 years. Individuals with years of service for 25 years or more were celebrated with a certificate and a ROWONTARIO pin.

The presentation of the established ROWONTARIO Annual Awards followed. Nominations for these awards were received from the Ontario rowing community throughout September and October of 2018. The Awards Committee received many outstanding nominations and were very pleased to name the winners. Congratulations to all of those nominated – you each had an amazing rowing season!

The recipients of the 2018 ROWONTARIO Annual Awards are:

Athlete of the Year: Daniel Bullock (Peterborough Rowing Club)

Coach of the Year – Competitive: Brian Fisher (St. Catharines Rowing Club)

Coach of the Year – Recreational: Lynda Dundas (Don Rowing Club)

High School Bursary: Spencer Kielar (Guelph Rowing Club/Trent University)

Ontario Adventure Rowing Distance Award: Richard Vincent & Norma Strachan

Umpire of the Year – Female: Tammy Jacobsen

Umpire of the Year – Male: Gordon Duncan

Umpire Lifetime Achievement: André Binda

Club of the Year: Peterborough Rowing Club

President’s Award: Thomas Blacquiere

Please join us in celebrating our outstanding participants in 2018.