National Rowing Championships and Canada Cup Regattas

In the fall of each year upwards of 100 Ontario athletes compete for the province in the National Rowing Championships (NRC). The NRC regatta represents an opportunity for aspiring National Team athletes to test the waters in 1X’s and 2-‘s against the very best in the country in a inter provincial format. The racing format is time trials to seeded quarter/semi finals to finals. All athletes will receive a final finish position. The NRC results are currently used by both RCA and RO to determine a rank order of athletes for carding purposes.

The Canada Cup regatta is currently raced the day after the NRC’s and is raced in 4X’s and 8’s over a distance of 500m. Ontario’s 4x’s are boated by the respective U17 and U19 athletes. Ontario’s 8+are open to participation and seats in the same are offered to the fastest athletes in the NRC portion of the weekend.

Contact information

If you require further information or clarification with regards to the NRC or CCR please contact Chris Marshall, High Performance Manager,