All information including the technical package and regatta bulletins for the 2019 NRC’s/CCR is currently available online at RowingBC.  Please see regatta technical packages for eligibility requirements.

Registration Procedure:

Please refer to the chart below for directions and assistance with registering.  All registrations, CCR intent and uniform orders will be completed ONLINE HERE.

REGISTRATION Deadline: SEPTEMBER 8th, 2019 at 11:59PM EST.

Canada Cup Regatta Selection:

Please indicate on your online registration form if you wish to be considered for selection for the CCR. As per the RCA CCR definitions, only athletes that have raced for the PRA (ROWONTARIO) will be considered for selection.  Selection of athletes will involve a rank order of the same based upon finish order in the respective events. Every attempt will be made to inform athletes chosen to represent ROWONTARIO by September 28th.



Athletes racing for the PRA (ROWONTARIO) must race in a ROWONTARIO uniform at the NRC and CCR. The uniform will remain the same as 2018, so athletes that purchased a uniform last year will not have to do so again. Athletes that do not have a uniform or athletes that need a new uniform will be required to order and pay for a unisuit from ROWONTARIO online.

Equipment/Equipment Transport/Travel/Accommodation:

Please note all athletes competing at the NRCs must coordinate their own travel, accommodations, equipment and equipment transportation. ROWONTARIO will not be organizing or sending a trailer or coordinating any equipment, travel or accommodations for athletes. Entry fees will not be refunded for athletes who fail to make their own arrangements, and athletes are responsible for any scratch fees from the regatta.

Contact information:

If you require further information or clarification with regards to the NRC or CCR please contact Chris Marshall, High Performance Manager,