2020 Membership and Participation Fees Update

Dear Member Clubs,

In accordance with the Row Ontario By-laws, approved by the membership in November 2017 at the Annual General Meeting, a Membership Fee Advisory Committee (The Committee) was struck in December 2019 with the purpose to review and make recommendations on current fees to the Row Ontario Board of Directors (The Board).

The Committee, chaired by Dan O’Shaughnessy – Row Ontario Treasurer – and comprised of representatives from six (6) member clubs (Jenn Durward – Durham RC, Brian Love – Peterborough RC, Melissa McKenzie – Ottawa RC, Alison Parsons – Thunder Bay RC, Brian Thorne – St. Catharines RC, and Matt Waddell – UWO BC) met on February 20th, 2020 to review the current membership and participant fees and make recommendations on current fees to the Board. The Committee mandate was to review the participant fees for all three registration categories (athlete, coach, and umpire), the club membership fee, as well as the seat fee.

During the review process, the Committee took into consideration the following:

  • The recommendation the 2018/19 Membership Fee Advisory Committee made to the Board to institute an annual cost of living increase, starting in 2020, which was duly approved by the Board and communicated to the Membership prior to the start of the 2019 season.
  • The Board’s recent decision to update the organization’s practices of charging HST, to comply with the requirements of Revenue Canada.
  • The recent decision of the Rowing Canada Aviron Membership to increase the RCA registration fee and seat fees for 2020.

Taking into account the above, the Committee considered a number of different scenarios, however unanimously agreed to recommend to the following to the Board to begin in the 2020 season:

  • Add HST to all dues and fees that HST should be charged on.
  • Implement as planned the cost of living increase on all dues and fees, with the exception of Ontario seat fees. Based on the CPI for December 2019, the cost of living increase is 2.2%.
  • For accounting purposes, increase the Ontario seat fee from $1.99 plus HST to $2.00 + HST.

The Committee’s support for the implementation of HST was simple, the Committee acknowledged that Row Ontario needs to become compliant with the rules and regulations with respect to HST. In addition, most clubs are also HST registered therefore this should not be an added expense.

With respect to the cost of living increase, the Committee acknowledged that even though HST is being implemented that does not mean more revenue for Row Ontario. The costs to operate continue to rise and to stay current the Committee felt it was important to implement the original plan of an annual cost of living increase. A small annual increase will save the need for a dramatic jump at some point.

The Committee agreed that it will be important to take a more in-depth look at raising the cost of seat fees, knowing there is a ceiling the maximum seat fee can reach. While not able to complete this review in time for 2020, the Committee recommended to the Board that the cost of living increase not be implemented on the Ontario seat fee in 2020, however for accounting purposes, instead of setting the fee at $2.25 including HST ($1.99 + $0.2587) that the fee be set at $2.00 plus HST, ($2.00 + $0.26) = $2.26.

The Board supported the recommendations and rationale of the Membership Fee Advisory Committee and approved a motion to implement those recommendations in time for the 2020 season.

A summary of the 2020 fees are below. If there are any questions related to either decision, please do not hesitate to contact myself (president@rowontario.ca) or Andrew Backer (andrew@rowontario.ca) at the Row Ontario office.

Yours in Rowing,

Chris Waddell – Row Ontario President

2020 Dues and Fees

Fee Type  2020 Fee  HST   Net 2020 Fee 
Club Membership Fee  $613.20  $79.72  $692.92
Athlete Registration Fee  $25.55  $3.32  $28.87
Coach Registration Fee  $25.55  $3.32  $28.87
Umpire Registration Fee  $5.11  $0.66  $5.77
Seat Fee  $2.00  $0.26  $2.26
Umpire Program Fee (Indoor & Outdoor A)  $25.55  $3.32  $28.87
Umpire Program Fee (Outdoor B)  $51.10  $6.64  $57.74
Umpire Program Fee (Outdoor C)  $102.20  $13.29 $115.49
Umpire Program Fee (Provincial)  $204.40  $26.57 $230.97