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ROWONTARIO is excited to release the details of its summer Championship events.  As previously announced, the ROWONTARIO Masters Championships will be held on July 15th at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC) North Course in Welland.  The ROWONTARIO Championships Regatta will be held on July 28th and 29th at its new location on Fanshawe Lake in London, hosted by the London Rowing Society.


The ROWONTARIO Masters Championships returns to the WIFC North Course in Welland with a new Chief Umpire, Frank Tomsic Jr.  Former Chief Umpire Judy Sutcliffe will still be involved, however; this year contributing her vast experience with the event as Regatta Chair.  Supporting her will be Andrea Miller, who will manage the entries, race draw, and the regatta office as the Regatta Manager. Tomsic, Sutcliffe and Miller will work closely with Erin Carl, WIFC Event Manager, to host the world-class event participants have come to enjoy and expect at the ROWONTARIO Masters Championships.




  • Entry-based fee structure
  • New order of events, featuring 15 new events
  • Parent-Child 2x event added with day-of registration deadline
  • Scheduled recovery time before the Mixed 4x events
  • Open practice time before races on Sunday AM, as well as Saturday afternoon


The goal of the ROWONTARIO Masters Championships review, conducted in late 2017, was to balance the goals of participation and competition by increasing the number of true straight finals, while also reorganizing the schedule to maximize the potential for athletes to race in multiple events.


ROWONTARIO Masters Championships Regatta Package


Meanwhile, 2018 represents a significant milestone for the ROWONTARIO Championships Regatta, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year!  Regatta Chair Matthew Waddell will lead the local organizing committee, working alongside Chief Umpire Judy Sutcliffe to deliver a high-calibre fun and competitive regatta experience.  Regatta Manager Andrea Miller with also manage the entries, race draw and regatta office at this event, as well.




  • Revised order of events, featuring seven new events
  • Entry-based progression format
  • ALL non-para 1x events run in NRC format (Time Trial to Seeded Finals with medals awarded in each category)


The primary goal of the ROWONTARIO Championships review, also conducted in late 2017, was to increase the level of meaningful competition for all competitors on the Athlete Development Pathway.  ROWONTARIO is looking forward to celebrating 50 years of excellence in Ontario club rowing with another weekend of fun and competitive racing at the ROWONTARIO Championships Regatta this year.


ROWONTARIO Championships Regatta Package




The London Rowing Society has partnered with Room Roster to secure discounted rates on hotels for the weekend of the ROWONTARIO Championships.  To book, please visit:


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The ROWONTARIO Masters Championships and ROWONTARIO Championships Regatta are Challenge #4 in the Trillium Chase 1x Challenge Series.  For more information about the Trillium Chase, please visit:



For more information about the ROWONTARIO Masters Championships or the ROWONTARIO Provincial Rowing Championships please email




ROWONTARIO is the business name of the incorporated Ontario not-for-profit Provincial Sport Organization recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) as the governing body for the sport of Rowing in Ontario. ROWONTARIO is governed by a Constitution developed in 1989 and updated regularly, most recently in 2014. Rowing is an established community-based sport with participants of all ages and athletic ability from Participation to Excellence.