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The 50th ROWONTARIO Championships Regatta was a huge success, thanks in large part to Regatta Chair Matthew Waddell and the rest of the outstanding local organizing committee from London who put in countless hours transforming Fanshawe Lake for the event. Thank you as well to Chief Umpire Judy Sutcliffe and her exceptional team of umpires; volunteer coordinator Ali Zimmerman for rounding up such a great group of volunteers; and every coach and athlete who participated in the event. Thunderstorm and race delays aside, both days of racing boasted competitive and meaningful competition across the board.
This regatta saw the inclusion of an entry-based progression format, which included several petite finals in larger events. The Under 19 Mens 2x event upheld its high entry numbers as in past years, so competitors raced the clock in a time trial to seed them into finals (which were unfortunately canceled due to weather, but thankfully the time trial results gave everyone a glimpse into how deep the field was!) The biggest change to the regatta was in the 1x events, where all 1x entries regardless of category were seeded first by Trillium Chase points, then randomly drawn from a hat, to race in a time trial. It was a learning experience launching more than 200 1x’s for the Saturday morning time trails, but the exciting finals on Sunday morning made it worthwhile – there were 17 finals for each men and women, and most were close battles thanks to being seeded by time, rather than category.

Congratulations to the Top 10 Scullers!


1st Shannon Kennedy (Western) SR 1st Graham Peeters (Peterborough) SR
2nd Carly Zanatta
(St. Catharines)
SRLWT 2nd Daniel Bullock (Peterborough) U23
3rd Jaclyn Stelmaszyk (Durham) SRLWT 3rd Spencer Keilar
4th Greta Chase
U23LWT 4th Alexander Kunkel (Ottawa) SRLWT
5th Meaghan Wunder (Cambridge) U23 5th William Sati
6th Beth McConnell
SR 6th Mick Malowany
7th Katie Clark
U23 7th Nicholas Grubic
8th Lauren Kelly
(St. Catharines)
U19 8th Laird Brown
9th Hailey Mercuri
(St. Catharines)
U19 9th Eric Seawright
10th Grace Hutton
U19 10th William Simpson (Argonaut) U19

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With 749 participants from 33 clubs, there were a lot of opportunities to get some hardware over the two days of racing. Here are a few more interesting facts from the weekend:


Most Entries by a Club
1st Don Rowing Club 60
2nd Ottawa Rowing Club 55
3rd South Niagara Rowing Club 49
Competitors by Age
Oldest Male: Jed Dietrich 49
Oldest Female: Elene Brett-Evans 33
Average Age 18.3
Gold Medal Ranking
1st St. Catharines RC 10
2nd Don Rowing Club 9
3rd Ottawa Rowing Club 8
4th Peterborough Rowing Club 7
5th Guelph Rowing Club 6
Furthest Traveled
1st Victoria City Rowing Club, Victoria, BC 4208km
2nd University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC 4197km
3rd Regina Rowing Club, Regina, SK 2513km
4th Winnipeg Rowing Club, Winnipeg, MB 2044km
5th Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville, TN 1067km


Being the 50th Anniversary of the Championships, ROWONTARIO hosted a celebration event at Joe Kools, in London, which brought together old friends and new! Thank you to Joe Kools, Toboggan Brewing Company, and everyone who was able to attend. We hope to continue this tradition of celebration at our Championships for at least 50 more years!
Thank you to everyone for seamlessly adjusting to a new venue. We have learned a lot and will work hard to make the 51st ROWONTARIO Championships an even bigger success!
We are proud of our exciting weekend of racing at the 50th ROWONTARIO Championships. Help us make the 51st ROWONTARIO Championships even better by completing our Post Regatta Survey.