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Annual Membership

Annual Membership

Become a Member Club with Row Ontario! 

Clubs and Associations Membership

As per Row Ontario Bylaw 8.03 (a), Ontario rowing clubs/associations wishing to be a member of Row Ontario are required to complete the Club Membership Renewal Form annually. To be considered a member club for the 2024-2025 membership year, clubs will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have previously been accepted as a member by Row Ontario;
  • Be in good standing with Row Ontario;
  • Have no amounts outstanding with Row Ontario at the time of Club Membership submission;
  • Have submitted a completed and signed Club Membership Renewal Form; and
  • Pay the annual registration fee.

Membership Application Renewal Process

Membership Year: April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025
Annual Membership Fee: $697 +HST

The Organization Membership Renewal Form MUST be completed online on the Row Ontario website below:

2024-25 Membership Organization Renewal Form

Complete it Now

Registered Participants

Club-Based Registered Participants (Athletes, Coaches, Staff, Administrators, Board Members, and Volunteers)

All Row Ontario member clubs must ensure that anyone participating at their club is registered in the Rowing Canada Aviron Web Registration System (WRS). This includes athletes, coach, staff, and volunteers. Through WRS, all participants, or their parent/guardian, will sign the Rowing Canada Aviron Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement. For any club members who have not previously registered in the WRS, they can register on the log in page of the WRS.

Athlete Registration

All athletes must be registered in an active program associated with their club in WRS.

Other Registration

Clubs must ensure that anyone participating in a non-athlete role at the club also be registered in WRS. These roles include coaches, volunteers, staff, etc. To register these participants, first ensure they have a profile on WRS. Clubs can then, from the club’s main administrative page, add the participants under the appropriate role. Participants are also able to assign a role to their profile under the Register/Join tab when logged in to the WRS.

Please note that any individual participating in more than one role must be registered in each role.

Registration Fee

Some role registrations have a fee that accompanies the registration. Row Ontario will invoice the clubs directly for these fees. Invoices will be sent at the beginning of each month for the WRS registrations that occurred in the month prior.

Row Ontario-Based Registered Participants (Umpires)

To be considered eligible to umpire, all Ontario-based umpires are required to register with Row Ontario. By completing the following steps, umpires will meet the registration requirements for Row Ontario:

  1. Log in to the Rowing Canada Aviron Web Registration System (WRS). If you do not have a log in, please create a profile. Update your profile. Log out.
  2. Visit the Row Ontario website and pay the applicable annual registration fee to Row Ontario on the payment page.

After the registration fee has been received, Row Ontario will inform umpires of their eligibility status, add them to the Eligible Ontario Umpires listing, and add them to WRS under the applicable umpire role.

If you have any questions regarding or require assistance with any aspect of the above, please contact Row Ontario.

Row Ontario Fees 2024 – 2025

  • Annual Club Membership – $697.00 + $90.61 HST = $787.61
  • Rower – $29.50 + $3.84HST = $33.34
  • Coach – $5.80 + $0.75 HST = $6.55
  • RCA Licensed Umpire – $5.80 + $0.75 HST = $6.55
  • RCA Assistant/Associate Umpire – $5.80 + $0.75 HST = $6.55

For those athletes wishing to compete, a seat fee of $2.66 ($2.35 + $0.31 HST) will be applied during registration for the event with Regatta Central.

For Further Information on Membership Policies Visit Our Resource Page

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