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Every month, ROWONTARIO and Direct Sports Apparel (DSA) team up to recognize athletes for all that they do on and off the water.  This month’s DSA Peak ROWONTARIO Athlete of the Month is Arrin Falk-Dotan.

Arrin demonstrated commitment to the well-being of others on a daily basis. If an athlete was taking out a single for the first time, Arrin immediately offered to help them bring the boat down and he would stay near them on the water until they were comfortable; if an athlete failed to show up, Arrin could be counted on to sit in any boat. During the Henley regatta, a coach had a family emergency that needed their attention. Arrin happened to be nearby and could tell that something was wrong and immediately offered to help the coach’s program. Arrin is the type of person who does not think twice about helping others, and is the type of person that every coach is glad to have in their program.

Congratulations Arrin!