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Francis’s dedication in the face of adversity has set him apart since he joined Hanlan in 2014. As a decidedly undersized child he got blown into the shore on his first row. Since he’s been a mainstay at every Hanlan practice, event and potluck – braving such mundane meetings as the Hanlan AGM. His teammates can always count on him being at training, at teammates piano recitals and facilitating team trips to Costco.

Over the last winter his ambition has been to outgrow the lightweight women’s single, and he’s gone from 131 lbs to a whopping 146 lbs over the winter. His dedication payed off with a first place finish in the U17 <150 lb category at Ontario Indoors. He was also the only junior rower to complete all 13 weekly RowOntario winter challenges. Since getting back on the water he’s spent time in both the pair and single. This year he will be competing in the Team Canada junior selection trials in the M2- category for the first time.

Francis’s success has been purely a product of his own effort – putting in the work and at times badgering his coaches for additional activities and plans, he’s tireless, enthusiastic and encourages others. Despite his success he’s been an approachable welcoming teammate to new rowers and set the tone for what’s expected in a Junior club rower at Hanlan.