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Direct Sports Apparel and ROWONTARIO are very happy to announce the Brockville’s Leigha Gerghty is the DSA Peak Athlete of the Month.

Beyond posting fast performances on the water and the ergometer, Leigha is heavily involved with events at the Brockville Rowing Club, such as the “Coins for Conlin” fundraiser, and the Jukebox Mania Fundraiser. The “Coins for Conlin” is aimed to help Rio Olympic bound athlete, Conlin McCabe, on his journey representing the red and white. The Jukebox Mania Fundraiser is a community aimed fundraiser where locals come together to solve music trivia.

On the water, Leigha is involved with running the youth summer program at Brockville.  She can normally be found doing homework before practice, and encouraging other athletes to produce their best performances.

Leigha will be receiving a DSA Peak T-Shirt from Direct Sports Apparel.

We would like to congratulate Leigha, and wish her all the best this upcoming summer.