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This month’s DSA Peak ROWONTARIO Athlete of the Month is Ridley Graduate/Kingston Rowing Club and Queen’s University Rower, Meredith Adams.

Meredith is an athlete that is constantly striving to work as hard as she can in her training as well as in leading her teammates to stay motivated and train hard with her. Meredith’s leadership role on the team is strong because of how she leads by example. Her teammates mention that Meredith will row through anything; spiders, rain, pain. She is committed to working hard and takes every opportunity she gets with a humble and grateful attitude. Although there are many examples of excellence that Meredith has demonstrated, a particular characteristic that stands out is her ability to take initiative around the boathouse, no matter what time of day. During trailer loading, morning practice, and weight sessions, Meredith is an athlete her coxswain is very grateful for because she has likely already taken the initiative to wash the shell, pick up the oars, put away the barbells or clean up the stray pieces of tape around the club. Her initiative and ability to lead by example is imperative to her team.

Congratulations to Meredith on being named this month’s DSA Peak ROWONTARIO Athlete of the Month.