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Steve has been an active member of the Don Rowing Club for over twenty years.  He has been instrumental in ensuring the club works toward the goals of the DRC strategic plan.  Steve has assisted with setting standards of performance for the Sr. Competitive Program, where he is one of the top performers in the Lightweight Men’s group.  He has set up a process of boat allocation that ensures that the fleet is used appropriately by the members; thus, preserving the top boats for racing.  Steve is also working with the House Committee to redecorate the interior of the Don club house.

Steve is always ready and willing to take on added responsibilities, no matter if they are big or small.  As a member of the Board, he brings a calm voice of reason to any discussion and is always able to see both sides of any problem.  When Steve is not rowing, he manages a cancer research team at a major drug company in Mississauga.