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Bulletin #1
July 2018


The U17 program is a new Provincial Team program that will be delivered by ROWONTARIO (RO) starting in the summer of 2018. The key purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for the best U17 athletes in the province to gain more high-level competition and experience against the best U17 athletes from across Canada.

The RO U17 program will give selected athletes the opportunity to race at the 2018 National Rowing Championships (NRC) and Canada Cup (CC) Regattas in Burnaby, BC. The regattas this year will be held from November 8-11th. Athletes will compete in the NRC portion of the event as individuals in the 1X, and then compete together in the CC portion as a U17 4X.

Athletes attempting selection for the RO U17 team must be 16 years age or younger on December 31st, in the year of the respective team selection. For the 2018 U17 Team, athletes must be 16 years of age or younger on December 31st, 2018.

All athletes will participate in the RO Championship Regatta in London, ON July 28 and July 29, 2018. The first, second, third, and fourth place U17 age eligible finishers in the Men’s and Women’s 1x event will be named to the team. In the event, that an eligible athlete is unable to participate in the program and withdraws then the next age eligible finisher in the event will be given the opportunity to be named to the team.

*Please note that there have been changes to the RO Championship Regatta with regards to the 1x events. Effective this year all 1x’s will race together and will earn places in different level finals based upon speed. As a result, there will not be a separate U17 1X race for men or women. Please refer to the Regatta Package for more information.

Athletes selected to the 2018 U17 Team will be expected to sign a ROWONTARIO Athlete Agreement. Selected athletes will be required to attend 2 weekend camps as part of their commitment to the U17 Team. Details will be finalized once coaches have been named but the plan is to have a camp in both September and October as we prepare for NRCs. Athletes will be required to attend the NRC/CC competition in Burnaby (Vancouver) BC from November 6-11th. This will require athletes to miss a minimum of 4 days of school. Although not yet finalized, the anticipated financial assessment for participation in the U17 program is $500.00 per person.

If you have questions with regards to any aspect of the RO U17 program please contact Chris Marshall, ROWONTARIO, Manager of High Performance at