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Dear ROWONTARIO Community,

In recent years, there has been a general trend across the Canadian sport landscape of declining participation in physical activity and youth organized sport. Sport organizations have had to become increasingly creative with strategies for maintaining and growing participation in their respective sports.

While other sports are slightly further ahead, ROWONTARIO is in the beginning stages of this process. Our initial step is to conduct a review of participation in Ontario rowing. The purpose of this review is to develop an understanding as to why our sport has seen a decrease in participation and specifically where we have seen the decline (junior/senior; male/female as examples). Upon understanding that data we then want to develop a go-forward plan to try and increase participation in rowing across the province.

We are looking for individuals within the Ontario rowing community to contribute their time and experience to the RO Participation Review Group. The commitment of this group will be approximately 1- 2 hours per month meeting via conference calls and email correspondence from November to February. Ideal candidates are athletes, coaches, umpires, and sport supporters with significant experience at the club level of the sport. Those with multi-sport experience would provide extremely valuable expertise to the Group.

Please email Shelby Harding, Operations Coordinator at with your expression of interest in the RO Participation Review Group by Tuesday October 30th, 2018.