Call for Umpires

Once you become a Level 1 Assistant Umpire, you will be added to the official list of RCA Umpires in Ontario and should start to receive calls for umpires for upcoming sanctioned regattas.

A Call for Umpires will come in one of two ways:

  1. From the Chief Umpire directly. You may be contacted by a Chief Umpire and/or connected to a Chief Umpire directly by your Row Ontario mentor.
  2. From the Row Ontario office. If requested by the Chief Umpire, Row Ontario will send a Call for Umpires from to the most up-to-date list of registered umpires in Ontario.

Request a call for Umpires from Ontario

If you are the Chief Umpire at an upcoming sanctioned event and would like Row Ontario to send a Call for Umpires to the most up-to-date list of registered umpires in Ontario, please send all event details to with the subject line Call for Umpires: (Event Name).  Please include all relevant details, including:

  • Regatta date and location
  • Shift times
  • Expense details (e.g., which expenses will be covered by the LOC and at what rate)
  • Any other relevant information an umpire will need when determining their availability

As a reminder, only registered umpires who are compliant with Rowan’s Law are eligible to umpire at sanctioned events in Ontario.