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This February, ROWONTARIO brought twenty athletes, two coxswains from seven different clubs to Elberton, Georgia for a week-long development camp. The goal of this trip was not only to soak up some much needed sunshine, but more importantly to develop skills that will be necessary for Team Ontario in the upcoming Canada Summer Games.

The week began with the men training in singles, while the women trained in assorted pairs, larger boats; including doubles, pairs and a quad. They then switched for the latter half of the week with the women in singles, and the men in crew boats. A couple practices in eights allowed the athletes to take the technique they learned individually and apply it to a setting which requires greater synchronization. Each day the athletes focused on a different part of the stroke, beginning with the release, and working through the stroke to the final acceleration into the finish.

The camp included more than just the physical practice of rowing. The athletes attended core and mobility sessions to learn how they can improve both areas individually. Seminars on goal setting and the categories of intensity also informed athletes on self-regulation. Video review aided athletes to visualize their mistakes and understand how to correct them.

The week ended with a team potluck and bonfire before packing everything up and heading back to snowy Ontario.

This program is supported by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport.