Certification Maintenance

Certification Maintenance

Once certified in any context, coaches are required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points to maintain certification.

What are Professional Development points?

PD points are earned through proof of ongoing learning and active coaching within Rowing Canada Aviron’s NCCP program. Earning PD points and maintaining certification are essential tools to develop the best athletic performance from our rowers as well as the integrity of the NCCP.

PD points are earned through sport specific and multi-sport activities and are accumulated in a variety of ways including attending events organized by RCA, provincial associations, Coaching Association of Canada and provincial/territorial coaching representatives.

Depending on the event, PD points can be submitted by the organizing committee on your behalf or you can self-report by visiting the Coaching Association of Canada’s website at and login to your profile.

For frequently asked questions regarding Certification Maintenance and PD Points please visit the below link:

Frequently Asked Questions