Once you have completed your NCCP training, the final step is to be evaluated by a qualified Coach Evaluator.  Don’t let the idea of “evaluation” turn you off; consider it more an opportunity for mentorship from and collaboration with a fellow coach!  A Coach Evaluator from your area will join you at practice to see you in action and discuss your progress and goals for future development.

For more information about the process and to request an evaluation, please contact Operations Coordinator, Shelby Harding, shelby@rowontario.ca or 416-759-8405.

Get ahead of the new coach certification policy implementation on April 1, 2019 by getting certified now.  If you are an experienced coach and feel ready for evaluation, please review the RCA Coach Challenge Process 2018 document.  Once you have submitted your application form, a group of Master Coach Developers will review it and determine if you are ready to proceed with the challenge.

RCA NCCP Coach Challenge Process 2018

RCA Coach Certification Challenge Application Form 2018