A supportive program for all our member clubs to increase impact on their communities and their sports assisting with all aspects of operation and governance.

Pillars of Quality

COAST Promotes and Supports Rowing Clubs Committed to:

  • Ensuring safe experiences
  • Excelling in member service
  • Encouraging participation by all
  • Valuing their staff and volunteers
  • Providing transparency in club management
  • An active role in the community
  • Protecting the future of the club fiscally

Benefits of COAST

  • Full-time professional staff person on call
  • Self-Assessment Tool of best practices and standards
  • Resource library of templates
  • Access to special event packages
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Work plan consultation service
  • Access to data to support decision making and fundraising

Access COAST Online Tools

Access COAST Today

Does your club need support? Please contact Member Services Manager Lisa Roddie or Member Services Coordinator Kathleen Rankin. You can also reach Lisa by phone at 905-572-7245 ext. 3225 or 1-888-672-7245 and follow COAST on Twitter @COAST_Ont.