Ask any athlete, parent, or volunteer—coaches are vital to athlete and club development and to the sport of rowing as a whole. Coaches are asked to guide and develop their athletes, motivate and encourage them while ensuring their safety. Coaches are often asked to act as a confidant and sometimes even as a referee.

As part of ROWONTARIO’s ongoing commitment to helping our coaches be the best they can be, we offer a number of different courses that allow coaches to increase their knowledge base and skill set. From developing skills to help navigate ethical situations, tips for analyzing athlete performance to providing tips for planning practices and maintaining a safe environment, our courses help coaches expand their knowledge and skill set.

Our current offerings include both National Certified Coaching Program (NCCP) recognized courses and non-NCCP courses designed to meet the specific needs of our rowing coaches.

In the following pages you will find information about each of the courses, including descriptions, and key learning takeaways from each.

Once you complete a course and fulfill any further requirements for certification as outlined below, we encourage you to practice lifelong learning! Information and knowledge is always evolving, so to ensure that coaches remain on the forefront of new information, the Coaching Association of Canada requires that instructors must participate in professional development within five years to maintain certification. These could include, but is not limited to, workshops relating to fitness, health, safety, and rowing technique. ROWONTARIO is working closely with the Coaching Association of Canada and Rowing Canada Aviron to determine details about professional development opportunities. We will continue to update our member clubs, coaches, and other interested parties as more information becomes available.

Should you have any further questions about which course you should take or would like further information on our clinic offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us!