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Date(s) - 01/12/2018
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Delta Hotels Toronto Airport & Conference Centre



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The Annual Conference, hosted in partnership between ONTARIO SAILING & ROWONTARIO, is coming to Toronto this December.


Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Location: Delta Hotels Toronto Airport & Conference Centre, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON


Early Bird Tickets$65.00 + HST ($73.45)August 20th, 2018 to October 1st, 2018
Regular Tickets$80.00 + HST ($90.40)October 2nd, 2018 to November 12th, 2018
Late Tickets$100 + HST ($113.00)November 13th to November 26th, 2018

Sessions & Speakers
Session One
Sailing Seasonal Staff Training sailing focus
Not sure what training you should be providing to your instructors and coaches? We will take you through all the mandatory items and the best topics to ensure you cover before Day 1 of your program as well as ongoing training.
Coaching Outside of Your Comfort Zone rowing focus
Speaker Martin George (Para Coach, Coaching Coordinator, Rowing British Columbia) will change the way you think about your coaching! With group discussions and considering various scenarios with active problem-solving, the myths and misconceptions regarding para athletes will be explored.
Building Relationships with your Municipalitycross-sport
Join Bob Cheyne, Manager of Sport Development with the City of Kitchener, to discuss how clubs can work with their local municipalities. Learn ideas for building relationships before they are needed and more about potential resources and opportunities. This session is a chance to increase your understanding of the municipal structure in terms of sport and recreation and turn that into opportunity for your club
Concussions & Rowan's Law: What You Need to Know cross-sport
Speaker Stephanie Cowle (Manager, Knowledge Translation, Parachute Canada) has been a leader in developing protocols and plans to address concussion in sport in Canada. Join her for the most recent information on concussions and how we can help our participants.
Session Two
Weather for Sailing sailing focus
Speaker Ron Bianchi (Senior Associate, Director of Strategic Development, Climate and Terrestrial Weather at Ron Wood) has over 25 years of forecasting experience. Are you planning a cruise, running a learn to sail program, or hosting a regatta? Learn the best tips and tricks on how to know whether the "Weather" is going to cooperate or not! Ron Bianchi will provide expert insight into short and long term forecasting so that you will know what the wind and weather will do before it happens.
Identifying and Prioritizing Trainable Factors in the Developing Athlete rowing focus
Speaker Jordan Clarke (Canadian Sport Institute-Ontario) will explore philosophies and methods for developing young athletes with the view of maximizing performance potential at the senior level.
Coach Boat Operations cross-sport
Speaker Julian Howarth (Sail Canada Coach Boat Safety Instructor, Learning Facilitator, Coach Evaluator) will discuss how the coach boat is a coach's biggest tool. Learn best practices to operate it safely and effectively. Julian is passionate about making the most of your coach boat and is ready to share tips and techniques. Session will feature breakout groups for sport-specific discussion.
Lessons from Tragedy cross-sport
Daily we have reminders all around us that accidents do happen. Is your club prepared for a tragedy? Lisa Roddie, COAST Manager, will use real life examples to help demonstrate what you should be doing now to be prepared to respond to a variety of unexpected situations. Focus will be on how items such as communication and Board roles impact crisis or issues management.
Session Three
Boat Speed Opportunities in Rigging & Rowing Technique Efficiencies rowing focus
Speaker Mike Purcer (Master Coach Developer, Purcerverance) will review typical boat speed curves of international crews and highlight areas where coaches can find opportunities for new speed.
Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport cross-sport
Registered Dietitians help optimize health and performance during training, on the road, and at competition. Join a CSI-O-based Registered Dietitian to learn about RED-S, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport. Insufficient caloric intake and/or excessive energy expenditure can have serious implications for many body systems, resulting in short-term and long-term compromise of optimal health and performance.
Employment Law in Ontario: What Does it Mean to be an Employer cross-sport
Speaker Susan Houston (Lawyer with Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP, Global HR Lawyers) will discuss the many pieces of recent legislation that impact you as an employer. This session will bring you up to date to understand your requirements as an employer (if you pay someone for their services - you are an employer!). Susan will also provide some tips and clarifications on the Employment Standards Act.
Session Four
Hudson Boat Repair Clinic 3.0 rowing focus
Speakers Dan Bechard (Research Associate, Hudson Boats) and Chris McCully (Technical Services Representative, Hudson Boats) will offer a mix of instruction and hands-on activity. There will be focus on common problems associated with the bow, fin, and steering mechanism. The Hudson Repair Clinic Series is designed to help keep your boats on the water hitting top performances.
Staff Hiring for Now and the Future! sailing focus
Cam Lymburner (Program Manager, Ontario Sailing) and Lisa Roddie (COAST Manager) speak on the best practices of increasing your roster of talented staff and ensure long term succession planning.
Looking After Number One cross-sport
Building on his previous session of spotting symptoms of mental health issues in others, Scott Matthews, a rehabilitation consultant and accommodation specialist for the City of London, a Certified RCA Performance Coach, a Masters rower, and President with Middlesex Western Rowing Club, will help coaches learn to turn the focus inwards. In every pre-flight, a message is presented to passengers to put your own oxygen mask on first before trying to help others; yet with the constant pressure of athlete training, collateral pressures of administration, and all the other added responsibilities that come with coaching and administrative roles, it is easy to forget to look after number one. Participants will learn the importance of checking in on their own health status and how it plays a part in all aspects of their life. Leaving the session, participants will have an understanding of how to spot their own symptoms and some simple, everyday activities that they can incorporate to keep enjoyment in your life!
Causes of Disputes and Prevention Strategies cross-sport
Speaker Marie-Claude Asselin is the Chief Executive Officer at the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada. Many sports-related conflicts oppose a sport organization to one or several of its members (athletes, coaches, officials, etc.) They not only affect personal relationships, but they also unduly drain volunteers and drive them away from sport. Preventing conflicts and dealing with them properly when they arise is the key to a healthy sport organization. In this interactive session, the participants will learn about some of the best practices in management as they can be applied specifically to the context of sport. The SDRCC staff will walk the participants through five common causes of sports-related disputes and present them with strategies to prevent them.
Session Five
Running a Successful Sailing Regatta sailing focus
Join a panel of regatta organizers as they discuss their tips, their mistakes, and the best practices to consider when running an event. Remember - it's not the size of the regatta, but how much fun everyone has that counts!
Responsible Social Media Use for Coaches cross-sport
Speaker Kevin Lawrie (Sport Law & Strategy Group) will discuss how coaches can use social media responsibly when communicating with their athletes. Kevin will cover social media strategies for coaches, organizational guidelines (not rules!) for social media use, and communication theory. The presentation will contain examples of guidelines and hypothetical case studies for broader discussion and debate. Both coaches and club administrators will find value in attending this presentation.
RegattaCentral Update FREE rowing session
Speaker Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Director of Partnerships & Sport Development - RCA) has been the project lead on the RegattaCentral project over the past 10 months since coming onboard with RCA. Join Jennifer as she provides a summary of where we have come from with RegattaCentral version 2.0, where we are today and learn what plans lie ahead for RegattaCentral and how it will integrate in our regatta organizing in 2019. Please note that there is NO CHARGE to attend this session and encourage as many clubs and regatta organizers as possible to attend, as this is your one opportunity to have a RegattaCentral session hosted in Ontario as RCA conference is in Alberta in January 2019.

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