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Fourteen athletes from five clubs attended the ROWONTARIO Club Elite Camp held at the South Niagara Rowing Club facility June 27 through July 1, 2015. The Club Elite Camp provided high performance athletes in Ontario the opportunity to train beside each other in their club crews. Club coaches worked together to deliver a challenging schedule of diverse workouts as well as on-land learning sessions.

ROWONTARIO Technical Director Mike Purcer provided the Camp training framework and athletes attended two rows and two land sessions each day. Training on the water allowed athletes to row beside other top athletes and push each other during the workouts. Intensive instruction by the coaches focused on good posture (sitting tall), pivot out of the finish, achieving the catch angle before the frontstops and taking the catch with the legs while holding the upper body angle until the heels are down. Bladework highlighted squaring the blades without dropping the hands, locking on at full reach, consistent blade depth with long-send at the finish and clean release. Each session included video of all crews had numerous opportunities for review.

Land based sessions included presentation on dynamic warm-up, rowing technique, bladework, rigging analysis of blade slip and a number of sessions for video technique review. Athletes participated in a shared learning session on “What can you do in addition to the training to improve your development” and small groups took turns preparing and presenting their ideas that would enhance athlete development.

“This Club Elite Camp is the first step in ROWONTARIO’s efforts to help local clubs promote a high performance level of rowing.These athletes and their coaches need every opportunity that we can provide to help them excel.” said Mike Purcer.

High performance athletes need a good race schedule that allows opportunities for travel to regattas that provides divers environments and challenging competitions. They need a coach that will provide consistency in training and technical development throughout the year and have access to top rowing equipment and facilities. Finally athletes need the opportunity to develop to the next level. The short term goal is the major regatta of the year but athletes need to know that they will have the opportunity to move to the next level by working hard and getting faster. “These are the basic requirements to promote athlete development at the high performance level of rowing,” said Mike

“Club coaches with athletes that had achieved the Club Elite standard on their 2k ergometer submission were invited to the Camp,” explained Mike Purcer. Ergometer scores submitted by athletes for the February and May RADAR as well as scores submitted by coaches in early June were used to identify athletes invited to the camp. For more information about the camp, please contact Mike Purcer.

Club # Athletes
Argonaut Rowing Club 4
Brock University Rowing Club 5
Brockville Rowing Club 1
Don Rowing Club 7
Hanlan Boat Club 3
Island Lake Rowing Club 2
Kingston Rowing Club 6
Laurentian University Rowing 2
Leander Boat Club 5
London Rowing Club 3
Ottawa Rowing Club 12
Peterborough Rowing Club 4
Queens University R.C. 3
Ridley College 1
South Niagara Rowing Club 7
St. Catharines Rowing Club 14
University of Western Ontario 7