ROWONTARIO works with our member clubs across the province to host National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) workshops. The NCCP has been identified as a world leader in coach education and their workshops are designed for all types of coaches at every level. ROWONTARIO, in partnership with RCA, is proud to support coach education and professional development by delivering NCCP workshops via our exceptional group of trained and experienced coach developers.

What is required as an NCCP Workshop Host?

  • Rowing shells, indoor equipment pieces, and safety equipment in good working order. Resources available to do quick repairs (e.g. screwdriver etc.).
  • Classroom and desk/table space for approximately 25 people for entire clinic, must be available the full clinic time as schedule may be altered by weather. Space must have electricity and WiFi for the LF.
  • Technical A/V equipment including projector, screen, and speakers with laptop hookup capabilities – either on site or the ability to provide from elsewhere.
  • An up to date Emergency Action Plan posted in a visible location. First Aid kits accessible at all times.
  • The Host Lead should be available on site throughout the clinic. Host Lead must communicate any general rules and procedures specific to the club.

ROWONTARIO would like to give clubs the opportunity to host their own coach workshops if they do not think the current calendar of guaranteed workshops suits the needs of their organization.  In this model, responsibilities are split between the host and RO.  Please see below.

ROWONTARIO ResponsibilitiesHost Responsibilities
· Arrange the Learning Facilitator for the course and pay their honorarium and expenses

· Arrange and ship the course materials for the workshop

· Correspond with the Host Contact to organize the specifics of the workshop

· Send pathway and clinic information to course participants prior to and following the workshop

· Credit participants with completion of the workshop in the NCCP Locker
· Provide the facility, equipment, and materials listed above

· Take registration for the workshop and provide RO with the information

· Set the registration fee and collect all payments, and adhere to the Hosting Fee schedule below

· Assign a Host Contact to correspond with RO to organize workshop specifics

How do we become a workshop host?

Review the Host Agreement.

Complete the Host Request Form.