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A very minor change from two un-assuming tiny words but one that could have tremendous impact.


Now that winter has taken leave for a few months, thoughts turn to enjoying the great Canadian outdoors including being back on the water (personally the buzz of my honey bees is music to my ears).  It is also important to take a few moments and review your rowing equipment insurance policy (clubs & individual owners).  Granted it is not the most exciting read you will encounter (it would be very unusual to see anyone curled up in a Muskoka chair by a lake reading Statutory Conditions of an insurance policy).  However, with so much information blasting us everyday (advertising, internet opinions, etc) a great deal of confusion can be created.    What you actually have and what you think you have may not necessarily be the same.  The time to find out is now and not when you are standing next to your single squashed under a tree.


Insurance policy wordings can vary widely from insurer to insurer so it is important that you understand the product you bought.  Since property insurance is not overseen by government agencies (like auto insurance) even similar terms used by different insurance companies may not be the same in their definition.   The Rowing Shell program with McLean & Dickey is specifically designed to cover rowing shells, accessories & related equipment and does not rely on a modified property insurance policy.  (I have seen some policies that exclude “on-water” activities.  I am fairly confident that most of you will have your rowing shells on the water at some point).   If nothing else, take a look at the section of your policy entitled “Exclusions”.   Some exclusions are a given (eg. you light your shell on fire with the hope of getting a new one) but others may leave you with more questions.


If you are not certain about your policy be sure to talk to your insurance representative for clarification.


As always, I am more than happy to answer any questions (and even happier to write a policy for you).


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