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ROWONTARIO has opened the bidding process for the following property events: ROWONTARIO Masters Championships and ROWONTARIO Championships.

Member clubs/associations that bid to host one of the property events mentioned above, should do so with the understanding that the bid is to host the regatta for three (3) consecutive years. Bids received to host for any more or less than three (3) years will not be considered.

Bids to host for the years 2018-2020 (inclusive) must be submitted to the ROWONTARIO office by December 22nd, 2017. Bids must be submitted in electronic format, in a PDF file. In addition, five (5) hardcopies of the Request for Proposal must be submitted to the ROWONTARIO office by January 2nd, 2018.

Bids are to be sent to the attention of Andrea Miller, Sport Development Manager:
19 Waterman Ave. Suite 206
Toronto, ON M4B 1Y2

Bidders are solely responsible for the method of conveyance of their proposal to the receiving point. If necessary, ROWONTARIO may request further information to supplement a submitted proposal.
ROWONTARIO reserves the right to accept any proposal submitted or to reject all proposals.

Questions regarding the hosting requirements and/or the bid process/requirements may be directed to Andrea Miller, Sport Development Manager, ROWONTARIO at or 416-759-8405.