License Maintenance

Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) approved the Umpire Licensing Policy, December 2018. This policy outlines how to obtain and maintain an RCA Umpire Licence by describing the training and development requirements necessary so Umpires can remain current on new expectations and standards.

Maintaining Your License

To maintain an RCA Umpire Licence, an Umpire is required to meet the following requirements:

  1. On an annual basis, ensure their information in the RCA Web Registration System is up to date and register with respective PRA
  2. Be in good standing with RCA and with the PRA in the province in which they are a resident
  3. Be active at the local and/or provincial level in the previous year, serving as a regatta Umpire in at least one local or provincial regatta annually, where possible
  4. Be evaluated in three-year blocks and be deemed to have met the evaluation requirement as described in the RCA Policy on Umpire Evaluation
  5. Attend an umpire seminar a minimum of once every three years
  6. Do not umpire at a Canadian regatta that is not sanctioned by RCA
  7. Abide by the policies of RCA, including the RCA Code of Conduct, and the Umpire Code of Conduct (Rules of Racing s.11.5)”
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