Member Clubs

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Membership with Row Ontario includes the following services and benefits:

  • Access to coaching education and development programs
  • Access to umpire education and development programs
  • Access to COAST Resource Library
  • Support from COAST staff with organization governance and resources
  • Education and networking opportunities through Professional Development
  • Access to compete in Row Ontario Sanctioned Regattas
  • Access to programs funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (Ex: Quest for Gold)
  • Online Job Postings and Equipment Sales
  • Communication services to provincial and national rowing community
  • Online Regatta Promotion
  • Provincial support for members in funding applications
  • Solicitation of Umpires for local regattas
  • Club Promotion
  • Access to on-going new tools resources for clubs
  • Access to charitable receipts
  • Funding Information
  • Extensive liability insurance coverage
    • Members of Row Ontario must also be members of Rowing Canada Aviron. This covers them under RCA’s insurance policy. For information on insurance, visit the RCA website.

Start Your Own Club

Is your region without a rowing club? Does your community have an interest in rowing and a suitable venue for a club? If so, Row Ontario can help you through the process of starting a club in your area.

We will walk you through the steps to incorporation and assist in developing the policies required to be approved for Row Ontario membership, and in turn membership with Rowing Canada Aviron.

First Steps:

  • Make sure the location you have in mind is available for a rowing club to utilize and the body of water is suitable for rowing.
  • Identify at least three individuals (non-related) who are willing to volunteer and take on the legal responsibilities of being a Director of a new incorporated organization.

Once you’ve completed your first steps, reach out to us for more information and support!

Need More Info About Starting A Club? Contact Member Services Manager Lisa Roddie

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