Member Update: RCA Semi-Annual Meeting
News/ Feb 1

Member Update: RCA Semi-Annual Meeting

On Jan. 28, Rowing Canada Aviron held its Semi-Annual Meeting in Quebec City. The agenda for the meeting included the 2024/2025 Dues & Fees and a proposed change to the Organization’s By-law section 24.

After the membership approved the RCA’s Dues & Fees Committee report, focus shifted to the proposed by-law change, which would permit Rowing Canada to call a special meeting of the members in between the Semi-Annual Meetings to review by-law changes. This motion needed two-thirds of the votes in favour to pass, as it was a change to the by-laws. Not able to get two-thirds of the votes, the proposed by-law change was defeated. As such, for RCA to be compliant with the Canada Sport Governance Code (deadline April 2025), all proposed by-law changes will now have to wait until RCA’s next Semi-Annual Meeting in January 2025. As such, the process of updating RCA’s By-Laws will be extremely condensed and will require awareness and diligence of all RCA members from the province of Ontario to be educated on all proposed changes to the bylaws and associated rationale for each change. Row Ontario will provide more information to our members when information is available.

Following the RCA semi-annual meeting, RCA including its Board of Directors and its leadership team, met with provincial rowing association partners (PAC) & Provincial Senior Staff to take stock of the current state of RCA member relations. There is strong partnership between the provincial rowing association partners in advocating for our member clubs with a unified voice. After two days of meetings, Row Ontario is hopeful and recognizes a new era of transparency with optimism of a renewed partnership by RCA with the Provincial Rowing Association and members is underway.

Row Ontario will continue the work with RCA, the PAC, and of course you, our members, to advance rowing in Ontario.