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The 2018 RCA U21 National Team Information Bulletin #1 March 26, 2018 outlined Rowing Canada Aviron’s commitment to a U21 program, which is fantastic news for all Ontario rowers.

ROWONTARIO has played a significant role in this project to date and will partner with RCA and Rowing BC to help deliver it. It is a tremendous opportunity for aspiring U21 athletes from across the country to be part of a National Team program and to race internationally this summer.

“Athletes now have a very real international racing opportunity at U21 and I urge all Ontario athletes to embrace all that the program offers. A great deal of time and energy has been spent on getting the program off paper and giving it some legs. Athletes now have to rise to the challenge and help move the program forward. I am really excited to see what our athletes bring to the table at Speed Orders and the Selection regatta as the compete for spots on all of the RCA teams, U21 included.” – Chris Marshall, High Performance Manager, ROWONTARIO

For more information on this program and the NextGen HUBS, please click here.