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ROWONTARIO is looking for member clubs across the province to host NCCP workshops this winter/spring. The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) has been identified as a world leader in coach education and their workshops are designed for all types of coaches at every level. ROWONTARIO, in partnership with RCA, is proud to support coach education and professional development by delivering NCCP workshops via our exceptional group of trained and experienced coach developers.

But we need you!

What is required as an NCCP Workshop Host?

All workshops require:

  • A classroom-type space with tables and chairs for participants to work independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to set up a projector and screen
  • Access to rowing-specific equipment for practical components
    • Ergs and/or tank and/or dockside rowing
    • A boat or two for rigging analysis
    • Open space e.g., a weights facility would be perfect, or an open space where coaches can move freely to demonstrate exercises
    • Access to a coach boat and safety components, if possible

As NCCP Workshops are funded through participant registration, ROWONTARIO appreciates any space that can be donated without cost.  However, please contact to discuss a hosting fee, if applicable.

If you are interested in hosting, ROWONTARIO and/or your assigned Learning Facilitator will contact you to discuss specific requirements and potential accommodations based on time of year, availability of access, etc.


How long will you require the space?

Learn to Row Coach – 16 hours

(Usually all day Saturday + part day Sunday)

RCA Coach Weekend #1 and RCA Coach Weekend #2 – 18 hours each

(Usually all day Saturday + all day Sunday OR time can be arranged on the Friday evening to keep Sunday shorter)


Is there a minimum participant number to run a workshop?

Again, because NCCP Workshops are funded through participant registration, ROWONTARIO has established minimum registration guidelines for Learn to Row Coach (= 4 participants) and RCA Coach (= 8 participants).  However, once you have established some interest at your Club, ROWONTARIO will promote the Workshop within our networks and open registration to all coaches in the province, so you do not need to guarantee the minimum number of participants solely from your Club.

Which workshop(s) should we host?

 We recommend that host Clubs consider the needs of their own Club and surrounding local Clubs, first, and start by hosting a workshop that your local coaches will benefit from.

Learn to Row Coach is best suited for coaches working with athletes in the Learn to Train, or beginner, stage. These athletes may be taking a Learn to Row or Recreational program, or may be in their first year of a competitive program (e.g., high school or university novice)

RCA Coach is best suited for coaches working with intermediate rowers at the Trian to Train or Learn to Compete stage who are interested in competition (e.g., preparing for regional and provincial competitions)

How do we become a workshop host?

Please complete the form below:

2018 Course Host Request Form
Course Location Address