Ontario NextGen Performance Centre

Ontario NextGen Performance Centre


The Ontario NextGen Performance Centre (ONGPC) was created in 2020 to support Development and NextGen athletes in their quest to achieve their high-performance rowing goals.

The ONGPC boathouse is located in Welland, Ontario and delivers a complete pathway of NextGen programming and operations in alignment with RCA’s athlete development pathway. The boathouse is located on the Welland Canal, one of Canada’s premier waterways for rowing training and racing. The ONGPC also features a brand new, robust dryland training facility at Canada Games Park on the Brock University Campus, which allows ONGPC athletes to receive year-round opportunities to train, improve and be successful both on and off the water.

Ontario NextGen Development Program

The Ontario NexGen Development Program (ONGDP) is designed to support the growth and development of aspiring high performance athletes in Ontario. To do this, we offer programming for athletes that wish to centralize and utilize the ONGPC as their daily training environment [DTE], as well as, athletes that wish to continue to use their home club/school/university as their daily training environment but wish to attend camps, monitoring sessions and training sessions. The primary aim of the program is to support athletes that have performance aspirations to reach their full potential by developing the individual. The development pathway for rowing includes considerations such as; previous sport experience, sport-specific entry age, rowing club or school programming experience, high quality competition exposure, education and career goals, and meeting performance criteria.

Program Goals and Objectives

The aim of the ONGDP is to create the optimal development pathway for Ontario-based athletes with Olympic/Paralympic podium aspirations by emphasizing skill development, physical and mental training, tactical development and the personal development of the athlete. The ONGDP aligns with the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model and uses leading sport science, sport medicine and certified full-time coaches to achieve sport specific skill development at each stage of the Athlete Development Pathway.

The creation of the ONGDP aligns RCA and Row Ontario in the delivery of the NextGen portion of the Athlete Development Pathway, to increase the quality and quantity of athletes in the system. The goal of a healthy, positive, and engaging training environment will maximize the time an athlete stays in the sport and will streamline them towards positive key developmental experiences, including provincial, national, and international competitions, and ultimately onto Olympic and Paralympic podiums.

The ONGPC creates a highly competitive daily training environment (DTE) that prepares athletes to transition to the National Training Centre. The ONGPC will provide appropriate opportunities for athletes to gain physical, technical, and mental competencies ahead of selection events and competitions. NextGen Athletes who prioritize their development within the ONGDP can centralize to the ONGPC in the Niagara region, to benefit from a high-performance targeted environment. NextGen Athletes who train in a club or school program (De-centralized Athletes), will establish entry points into the ONGPC through the creation of an annual Individual Athlete Performance Plan (IAPP).

HUDSON Sponsorship

HUDSON is the Official Boat Supplier for Row Ontario. All ONGPC athletes row exclusively in HUDSON Ultimate Shark Predators (USP), in training and in competition.

USP™ is performance redefined; a cutting edge concept boat. USP is the result of ten thousand hours of engineering, functionally revolutionary and stylish features, and a development approach unconstrained by convention and budget.

Full information on the Ontario NextGen Development Program, including performance standards, application requirements, acceptance criteria and fees can be found at the below link:

Ontario NextGen Development Program


If you have any questions about the Ontario NextGen Performance Centre or Ontario NextGen Development Program, please contact Phil Marshall Director, Performance at Row Ontario.