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Rowing Canada Aviron
Dear RCA Members,In January 2013, following the RCA Annual General Meeting, a Membership Category Review Working Group was formed to deal with membership structure concerns that were raised at that meeting.  The Working Group over the last two years has conducted a thorough review, consulted with the rowing community and brought a preliminary proposal to last year’s Semi-Annual Meeting that was endorsed by the RCA Membership.  With this endorsement, the Working Group set out this past year to finalize the details and costs related to the implementation of this proposal.  It is this information that has shaped the final report that is presented here for your review and feedback.The report can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Proposal – New RCA Membership Model.Please take the time to review this report and provide the Membership Category Review Working Group with your feedback on the following survey by December 2nd, 2016 This feedback will be considered in the preparation of the final recommendations to be presented to the Members for voting purposes at the January 2017 Semi-Annual Meeting.If you have questions regarding this proposal, please check our Website Q & A or feel free to contact one of the Working Group Members listed below:
Marla Weston  
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Derek Ventnor 
George Barkwell
Brian Lamb      
Donna Atkinson



Earlier today, you received a communication from Rowing Canada Aviron detailing the “Proposal for a New Membership Model” prepared by the RCA Membership Category Working Group. ROWONTARIO was represented on this working group by George Barkwell, Treasurer and Derek Ventnor, Executive Director. George and Derek have invested hundreds of hours working with the group to complete this project.

This report is the end result of nearly 4 years of consultation, research and analysis by the working group and the direction given by the RCA membership at the January, 2016 Semi-Annual Meeting in Ottawa.

The report is comprehensive, explains the rationale behind the final recommendations, and outlines the recommendations that the membership will be asked to approve at the RCA Semi-Annual Meeting in Vancouver in January, 2017.

At the ROWONTARIO Annual General Meeting on November 26, 2016, the ROWONTARIO membership will be asked to adopt the same model to be implemented by ROWONTARIO, effective April 1, 2018. This is the same proposed effective date for Rowing Canada Aviron.

In summary, the recommendations that membership will be asked to approve are as follows:

  1. To eliminate the Sport Rower and Competitive Rower fee categories.
  2. To establish a per participant fee that will be assessed to all rowers.
  3. To establish a per seat fee that will be assessed for each seat in each RCA Sanctioned Event (regattas, indoor rowing events and other).
  4. The Organizing Committee of all Sanctioned Events will utilize Regatta Central as the sole service provider to collect entries for all Sanctioned events in Canada. ALL Events will continue to be required to be sanctioned.

Details of each of these recommendations are included in the report.

The proposed fee schedule for the 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 fiscal years for RCA is included in the report.

The proposed fee schedule for the same three years for ROWONTARIO can be found here.

At the November 2015 ROWONTARIO Annual Meeting, the membership was advised that fee increases for 16/17 were part of a long-term plan to address expectations of the provincial government.

ROWONTARIO will not be proposing any fee increases for the 2017/18 year to allow clubs a year to prepare for the new fee structure.

Changing the membership fee structure to this model is a major change for the Canadian rowing community.  The ROWONTARIO Board of Directors acknowledges this.   It is also acknowledge the votes cast at the upcoming ROWONTARIO and RCA meetings must be informed votes.

To this end, Derek Ventnor and/or George Barkwell will be available to meet with any Member Club/ Regatta Organizing Committee in Ontario who would like the opportunity to discuss this proposal in detail prior to the ROWONTARIO Annual General meeting.  There will only be a relatively short period of time scheduled for discussion on this issue at the AGM, so it is imperative that clubs come to the meeting with their questions answered ahead of time.  Meetings can be scheduled between October 17 and November 23 with Derek and/or George.  As much as possible, Derek and/or George will travel to your club to meet with your Board/OC in person. While in-person meetings will be preferable, conference calls may be scheduled where necessary.    In order to schedule a meeting, please contact Derek Ventnor, as soon as possible.

The ROWONTARIO Board of Directors is recommending approval of this proposal.  We encourage you to review, ask questions, engage in the discussion and ensure you have a representative at both the ROWONTARIO AGM and Rowing Canada Aviron Semi-Annual meeting for this very important decision.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,


Thomas Blacquiere, President