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While taking part in the Row to Podium camp, one phrase keeps arising from athletes and coaches alike: constant progress.

Row to Podium and invited local athletes and coaches arrived to the Welland International Flatwater Centre at 7:45am Saturday, April 9. As the beginning of the two-day camp, athletes and coaches arrived ready to make the most of the opportunity presented to them to learn and get faster.

Throughout Saturday, athletes and coaches worked through a series of fitness testing to analyze performance. These tests were conducted on the ergometer and gym mats to monitor the aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and flexibility of the athletes. With a visit from the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, the men and women learned about training barriers, and how to make small changes in their training that will allow progress and personal improvements.

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That afternoon, the athletes took part in an ergometer work out, as well an indoor tank session, due to the non-cooperative weather. The athletes made the most of the opportunity, making technical progress while cranking out some wattage.

-6 degrees Celsius and a blue sky greeted the group on Sunday. With the water flat, everyone greeted the opportunity to get on the water and test their speed. Heats after heats of small boats went up and down the course. Standing on the shore, one could hear the competitiveness of athletes while their boats and oars broke through the water.


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With the boats put away, the ice chipped off the riggers, and everyone warm, the trailers were loaded and farewells were exchanged. With a productive camp, coaches and athletes returned to their clubs eager to attack their upcoming workouts.

With Selection trials fast approaching, we are sure to witness some great speed on the water as our Next Generation of athletes hit the water.