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Rowing For Life

Rowing For Life

Rowing can be enjoyed throughout all stages of life. From youths, to elite athletes, to masters competitors, rowing is a life-long journey.

Getting Started

Many individuals start rowing because it is low-impact, has low risk of concussion, and offers excellent calorie-burning and cardiovascular benefits. As a late-entry sport, rowing provides a rare opportunity for adolescents and adults to enter a new sport along with other individuals who are also trying it for the first time.

Benefits of Long-Term Rowing

Aside from being fun, rowing has many health benefits.

Rowing is a great way to stay physically active or develop your fitness even further. The movements in rowing work nearly all of the muscles in your body resulting in a very efficient work-out.

Competitive or recreational rowers generally do a combination of land and water training. Land training could include anything from sessions on the indoor rowing machines to circuit training and core stability. Benefits include improvement of strength and endurance and preparation for your water sessions.

Water sessions might cover technical skills and drills or rowing for extended periods of time, again depending on your level of ability.

Masters Events

Each year Row Ontario hosts two Masters-focused regattas, the RowOn Masters Championships and the Tony Biernacki Sr. Memorial Regatta. Masters rowers from across the province come to compete for fun, glory and bragging rights! Individual masters events are also hosted in communities across Ontario throughout the season.