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Brockville Rowing Club hosted a Canada Games ID Camp on Saturday, April 2 for Eastern Region athletes and coaches. Clubs in the area were invited to submit name of Canada Games eligible athletes (born 1997 and after) that are training at an advanced level. Athletes from Ottawa and Brockville attended along with coaches from both clubs. “It was a good camp and we got to see athletes with strong potential for Team Ontario,” explained Mike Purcer. “The Brockville RC Training Facility is excellent with a dedicated erg room and a very large fully equipped weight training room.” said Mike.

The day started with introductions and an outline of camp by Mike Purcer. The first session focused on rowing technique as Mike reviewed five basics of movement and highlighted the technical emphasis for the day. Following a dynamic warm-up athletes were videoed and coached on the ergs with emphases on posture, process, preparation and power application. At the end of the first erg session athlete power was evaluated using the standard peak power format. Next was a break that included some of the highlights of past Canada Games experienced from Coach Dane Lawson (CSG 2009) and Coach Kate Gorsline (CSG 2013). The morning ended with video review of each athlete’s rowing technique using Dartfish software to track body positions and movement.

Following the lunch break Tim Nedow a Canadian Shotput Champion currently training for the Rio Olympics demonstrated weight lifting techniques for the group. After a short break and dynamic warm-up the group was back on the ergs for technique review and interval training and evaluation. Five three minute pieces at various stroke rates provided an assessment of the athlete’s fitness. Following a cool down session the day ended with a camp wrap-up. Mike outlined some of the future opportunities such as the post Henley Camp for Canada Games athletes as well as the importance of submitting RADAR scores. The day ended with athletes and coaches thanking the Brockville RC for the opportunity to come together, learn and demonstrate their skills.