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ROWONTARIO recognizes that club athletes are training at a high level of performance and will be the next generation of provincial and national team members. ROWONTARIO is establishing Club Elite, a new category of rowing with the goal of identifying, encouraging, and supporting these athletes and their coaches through additional opportunities for training and racing.

In this first year with the new category, ROWONTARIO will be holding a Development Camp for Club Elite athletes, June 27 to July 1(Saturday to Wednesday) in Welland. The camp will provide Club Elite athletes and their coaches the opportunity to train with other crews at a high level of rowing prior to the start of the summer racing season.

• Selected athletes who are identified as Club Elite & their club coach will be invited to attend the camp
• Note that athletes wishing to be identified as Club Elite must have achieved the minimum ergometer standards in order to be eligible to participate in this camp (see below).

Ergometer Standards for Club Elite

Club Elite Standards

Senior 6:14.0 6:38.0 7:13.0 7:34.0
U23 6:18.0 6:42.0 7:18.0 7:39.0
U21 6:22.0 6:47.0 7:23.0 7:44.0
U19 6:27.0 6:51.0 7:28.0 7:49.0


Camp Details
Date: June 27-July 1
Location: Welland, ON
Cost: Free to attend for qualified athletes and their coaches
Accommodations: Athletes and coaches must make their own arrangements for accommodations
Equipment: Athletes must provide their own equipment (boat & blades)
Coach: Mike Purcer will be the lead coach during this camp, with the active participation of club coaches where appropriate

Please note that while we will make every effort to ensure that all eligible athletes are able to attend, there are limited spots available at this camp

Camp Benefits
Athletes and coaches will benefit from the following
• Opportunity to work alongside top athletes and coaches from across Ontario
• Daily video sessions and analysis with video provided after the camp to take home
• Individualized rigging (technical and mechanical) analysis, with the opportunity for coaches to learn and discuss different rigging techniques for different athletes
• Networking opportunities to discuss rowing topics with fellow coaches and athletes, such as: dynamic warm ups, training plans, practice plans, tapering, weight training, etc.
• Daily debriefs with both the athletes and the coaches
• Additionally, coaches will have the opportunity to join Mike Purcer in the coach boat to observe as he works with camp athletes. Mike will also conduct informal evaluations of and provide feedback to coaches as they work with camp athletes.
• Following the camp, ROWONTARIO will be supporting athletes that attended the camp and wish to attend the Independence Day Regatta in Philadelphia by sponsoring a boat trailer to reduce the cost to attend. Further details will be provided at the camp

Please note that while it is anticipated that athletes wishing to compete at the Independence Day Regatta will compete as club entries, composite crews from the Club Elite Development Camp may be considered based on discussion among coaches.

Expressions of Interest
• Club coaches with an athlete who has met the above Club Elite standards must submit the qualifying 2k score and athlete details via: by noon on Monday June 15th
• Final invitations will be extended to selected athletes on Tuesday June 16th