ROWONTARIO values the long term health of all rowers. As such we have a comprehensive Concussion Management and Return to Sport Policy and associated procedures.

We have been working closely with current research and national sport and concussion related groups to ensure our policies are up to date and address concerns specific to rowing. The policy and procedures that were passed by our Board of Directors represent countless hours of staff work and consultation.

The policy addresses the four main components from Rowan’s Law:

  • Education and Awareness
  • Concussion Codes of Conduct for participants as well as leaders
  • Removal from Sport Protocols
  • Return to Sport Protocols

Our policies and procedures are being implemented for all ages and all participants recognizing the potential effects of head injuries. The health and safety of everyone involved with ROWONTARIO is of upmost importance.

Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resources – REQUIRED:

MTCS Concussion Awareness Resources – 10 & Under

MTCS Concussion Awareness Resources – 11-14

MTCS Concussion Awareness Resources – 15 & Up

ROWONTARIO Concussion Codes of Conduct – REQUIRED:

ROWONTARIO Concussion Code of Conduct – Athletes & Participants

ROWONTARIO Concussion Code of Conduct – Coaches

ROWONTARIO Concussion Resources:

ROWONTARIO Concussion Management Policy

Information for Individuals with Suspected Concussions

Resources for Concussion Education and Awareness available from Parachute Canada:

Concussions: The Basics

Resources for Athletes

Resources for Parents

Concussion Recognition Tool

Concussion Management & Return to Play Video

Under Rowan’s Law, every sport organization will need to ensure they have policies and procedures in place to address concussion management. ROWONTARIO is strongly encouraging all our member clubs to adopt ROWONTARIO Concussion Management Policy and Procedures. By having everyone adopt one policy we can ensure consistency across the province which will be key at regattas but also with training and ensuring legislative compliance for each organization.

For clubs and schools looking for more information about their own Concussion Policies and Procedures please contact Lisa Roddie, COAST Manager (