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We are going North!
The Shells & Sails Mobile Unit of Matthew Wortley, and Victoria Restivo are preparing for their upcoming week-long trip to Northern Ontario. In partnership with Ontario Sailing and the Get Out On The Water Campaign, the Shells & Sails team is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The 1,400km round-trip journey begins June 9, 2015 will take the mobile unit to the Township of Johnson and Desbarats, Sudbury Rowing Club, and North Bay Rowing Club.
The Shells & Sails team will be in Desbarats from June 10-11. The evening of June 10 will include rowing and sailing sessions; sailing will take place at Kensington Marina, while rowing will take place at a nearby venue. The following day, the Shells & Sails team will work with Central Algoma Secondary School during a rowing-only day, inviting their students to demonstrate their rowing techniques learned from indoor erging programs on the water. On June 13, Shells and Sails will hold a try-it-day for both sailing and rowing in Sudbury at the local Sudbury Canoe Club. June 14 and 15 will round out the Northern excursion with sailing and rowing taking place at the North Bay Rowing Club.
This is the first time that the Shells & Sails Mobile Unit will be travelling North, and there is much excitement. ROWONTARIO Executive Director Derek Ventnor is looking forward to hearing about the travels as, “this is an excellent chance for ROWONTARIO staff to provide a fantastic service to current clubs while also providing support for clubs starting to grow.” Of the three venues, the Desbarats and North Bay do not have an established rowing community and so the Shells & Sails team is looking forward to introducing them to one of our favourite sports!
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