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Sadly Silver Lake Rowing Club has ceased operations and still has a few boats, oars, and other equipment for sale, including:

Kaschper Single- Canada’s Gold One (Mwt) $3400

Hudson Single (95-63)- Pack 3 (Mwt) $3900

Hudson Single (96-95)- Pack 2 (Hwt) $3900

Hudson Single (2000/1X251) AnnaLauraRoss (Mwt) $3900

Hudson Single (95-07) Escapade (Lwt) Including oars, car rack, cover, 2 pairs of shoes $4100

Kaschper Double/Pair convertible- Bridge Yachts (Mwt) 2007 x1 Including sculling/sweep riggers $5500

Kaschper Double/ Pair Convertible- Little Foot (Mwt) 2001 Including sculling/sweep riggers $4000

Kaschper Double / Pair Convertible- Trillium (Mwt) 2001 Including sculling/sweep riggers $4000

Sweep Oars- Macons x 24 (range in quality- $50 – $100)

Sweep Oars- Hatchet x 16 (range in quality- $100-$200)

Sculling Oars- Hatchet x 5 $400 (excellent condition)

Ergometers (Model D PM2) x2 $400

Boat trailer

Coach boats

Outboard motors (4 stroke SHP)

Weighlifting equipment

Inflatable PFDs and Lifejackets


Note that all boats are in racing condition ranging from very good to excellent.


If you or your club is interested in any of the above, please contact:

Jim Dover