Smartest Rower in Ontario Trivia Challenge

Smartest Rower in Ontario Trivia Challenge

Welcome to the Smartest Rower in Ontario Trivia Challenge! On ‘Trivia Tuesday’ for the next four weeks we will be posting 10 trivia questions per week about the sport of rowing. Who doesn’t love trivia? Especially rowing-based trivia! Enter by answering the set of 10 questions each week for your chance to be crowned the Smartest Rower in Ontario!

Trivia Contest Info and Rules:

  • The questions are about the sport of rowing in Ontario, in Canada, internationally, and at the Olympics.
  • The questions are mixed between multiple choice, true or false, single answer, and multiple answer questions.
  • 1 point will be awarded for each correct answer. Some questions are worth more than 1 point.
  • The contestant with the most points at the end of the three weeks will be crowned the winner.
  • Answers for the previous week’s trivia questions will be posted at the start of the new week. We will post the Top-10 standings on our website each week.
  • The title of this contest is Smartest Rower in Ontario, but let’s be inclusive. Anyone from across Canada is eligible to participate.
  • Let’s be honest, all of these answers can be found somewhere on the Internet. But where’s the fun in that? We expect everybody who participates in the competition to abide by the honour system. No googling is permitted! We want these answers to come straight from the brains of all of our athletes, coaches, umpires, volunteers and rowing enthusiasts!
  • The winner will receive a prize of Row Ontario swag! Not to mention the title of the Smartest Rower in Ontario!
  • Current staff and board members of Row Ontario are not eligible to participate.
  • Questions for each week will be available to be answered for approximately 72 hours. The deadline to submit your answers per week is Thursday at 5pm. We’ll post the answers after the deadline.

Smartest Rower in Ontario Champion 

Congratulations to Brianna Spanics of the St. Catharines Rowing Club on being crowned the Smartest Rower in Ontario! Brianna played every week and got 47 of a possible 54 points! Brianna will receive a prize of Row Ontario and she now holds the title of the Smartest Rower in Ontario!

Week 1 Answers

1. Question: When was Row Ontario founded?
Answer: 1970. Row Ontario is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

2. Question: How many clubs did Row Ontario have at its inception?
Answer: 9

3. Question: What was Row Ontario’s Original Name?
Answer: Ontario Rowing Association

4. Question: When was Rowing Canada Aviron founded?
Answer: 1880

5. Question: What was Rowing Canada Aviron’s Original Name?
Answer: The Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsmen

6. Question: In 1880 a sculler from Toronto captured the imagination of the nation by winning the first recognized world championship for rowing, becoming Canada’s first world champion in any sport. Name that rower.
Answer: Ned Hanlan

7. What year did rowing debut at the Olympics?
Answer: 1900. Rowing was scheduled to take place at the inaugural Olympics in 1896, but the events were cancelled due to bad weather. It debuted as a sport in 1900 Olympics in Paris, France.

8. Question: What was the distance of the race in the first Olympics to feature rowing?
Answer: 1750m. A 2000m course did not become standard until 1912. The first three Olympic Games saw race distances of 1750m (1900), 3218m (1904) and 2412m (1908).

9. Question: What two Canadian rowers are tied for the most gold medals won by a Canadian in rowing at the Olympics with 3? 1 point for each correct answer.
Answer: Marnie McBean and Kathleen Heddle. Long-time partners McBean and Heddle won gold medals in the Coxless Pair (1992), Eight (1992), and Double Sculls (1996). They also added a bronze in the Quadruple Sculls in 1996.

10. Question: Which country has won the most medals in rowing at the Olympics?
Answer: United States. The USA has won a total of 89 medals in rowing at the Olympics. Great Britain is second with 68. 

Week 2 Answers

1. Question: How many total medals has Canada won in rowing at the Olympics?
Answer: 41. Canada has won the sixth most medals all-time at the Olympics behind the USA (89), Great Britain (68), Germany (51), East Germany (48) and the Soviet Union (42). 

2. Question: Which rower has earned the most total medals in rowing at the Olympics with 8? Hint: This rower competed in 6 Olympic Games between 1984 and 2004 (1 bonus point if you can also name their correct country).
Answer: Elisabeta Lipa, Romania. Lipa has won 5 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. 20 years passed between her first gold medal and last medal. 

3. Question: What Canadian rower has won the most total medals in rowing at the Olympics with 5? Hint: They’ve competed at 8 Olympic Games from 1984-2016 and won 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.
Answer: Lesley Thompson-Willie. Thompson-Willie’s first medal was a silver in the coxed four at the 1984 Olympics and her last was a silver in the eight at the 2012 Olympics.

4. Question: True or False: Canada has won more medals in rowing than any other sport at the Summer Olympics?
Answer: False. Rowing ranks third with 41 medals, Swimming is second with 49 and Track and Field is first with 60.

5. Question: What was the name of the rowing venue at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal?
Answer: Olympic Basin at Notre Dame Island.

6. Question: True or False: Rowing has been featured on every Canada Summer Games sport program since the inaugural event in 1969?
Answer: True. Men’s rowing debuted at the Canada Games in 1969 and Women’s rowing was added to the program in 1977.

7. Question: True or False: At the 2017 Canada Summer Games, Ontario led all provinces in rowing with 7 gold medals.
Answer: True. Ontario placed first with 7 gold medals, BC was second in gold medals with 5.

8. Question: Which four countries have each hosted the FISA World Rowing Championships four times? 1 point for each correct answer. Hint: Lightweight World Championships hosted during Olympic years are included. Note: After publication it was discovered that 5 countries have hosted the FISA World Rowing Championships 4 times. Each contestant will receive a bonus point due to this error. Sorry! 
Answer: Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Austria

9. Question: What year was the first FISA World Rowing Championships hosted?
Answer: 1962. The first edition of the FISA World Rowing Championships were hosted in 1962 in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

10. Name the only two African nations who have won medals at the FISA Elite World Rowing Championship? (1 point for each correct answer)
Answer: South Africa and Zimbabwe

Week 3 Answers

1. What year was para-rowing added to the Paralympic Games?
Answer: 2008. Para-rowing debuted with four medal events at the Beijing Paralympics.

2. What year was the first World Rowing Coastal Championships held? Hint: The first ever World Rowing Coastal ‘Challenge’ was held the previous year in Guernsey, UK.
Answer: 2007. The first World Rowing Coastal Championships were held in 2007 in Cannes, France. 

3. Which two rowers won medals for Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympics? (1 point for each correct answer)
Answer: Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee. Jennerich and Obee picked up a silver medal in the women’s lightweight double.

4. Which Ontario University has won the most OUA Championships in rowing (including both men and women)?
Answer: Western University. The Mustangs have won a total of 58 OUA Championship banners (30 men, 28 women)

5. What is the name of the trophy given to the OUA Championship winning women’s team in rowing?
Answer: Mrs. W Lathrop Challenge Trophy

6. What is the name of the trophy given to the OUA Championship winning men’s team in rowing?
Answer: P.C. Fitz James Trophy

7. Only 5 schools have won the Canadian University Rowing Championships banner (including both men and women). Name each school (1 point for each correct answer)
Answer: Victoria Vikes (17), Western Mustangs (13), UBC Thunderbirds (10), Brock Badgers (5), Queen’s Gaels (1)

8. Which rowing club was named Row Ontario’s Club of the Year in 2019?
Answer: Argonaut Rowing Club

9. How many rowing events (including both men and women) are scheduled to take place at the Tokyo Olympic Games?
Answer: 14

10. Which current Amazon Prime original show features a four-person rowing crew in its opening credits?
Answer: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a show to binge watch!

Week 4 Answers

1. What Canadian historical figure was the first patron of the Ottawa Rowing Club?
Answer: Sir John A. MacDonald. The ORC was one of MacDonald’s neighbours on the shore of the Ottawa River just west of and below MacDonald’s home Earnscliffe that is now the residence of the Britain’s High Commissioner to Canada.

2. In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics the only Canadian Gold Medal was won in rowing. What event was the gold medal won in (1 point)? (2 bonus points if you can name the rowers in the boat. 1 point for each correct name)
Answer: Men’s Pair. Bonus: Roger Jackson and George Hungerford. Jackson and Hungerford edged out the men’s pair from the Netherlands to win the gold medal. They were also named the Lou Marsh Award Winners in 1964. 

3. The first CSSRA to include an event for women (the Coxed Four) was hosted in which year?
Answer: 1974

4. Which Olympic Games did lightweight rowing debut at?
Answer: 1996 – Atlanta. Three lightweight events debuted in 1996 – the men’s lightweight double sculls and coxless four, and the women’s double sculls. Canada won a silver medal in the men’s coxless four.

5. True or False. At the 2015 Pan Am Games, where Canadian rowers competed on home water at the Henley Regatta Course in St. Catharines, Canada ranked first in both gold medals and total medals won in rowing.
Answer: True. Canadian rowers dominated the 2015 Pan Am Games winning 8 gold medals and 11 medals overall to lead the standings. The USA and Cuba tied for second in gold medals with 2 each.

6. The Lou Marsh Trophy is awarded yearly to Canada’s Top athlete. How many times has it been awarded to rowers?
Answer: 4. The Lou Marsh Trophy has been awarded to rowers Bobby Pearce (1938), Theo Dubois (1941), George Hungerford and Roger Jackson (1964), and Silken Laumann (1991).

7. The Winners of the Senior Men’s 8+ at the CSSRA Regatta are presented the Calder Cleland Memorial Trophy. What is the name of the trophy presented to the Winners of the Senior Women’s 8+?
Answer: Henley Island Helpers Trophy

8. What is the oldest rowing club in Ontario?
Answer: Ottawa Rowing Club

9. What year was the oldest rowing club in Ontario established?
Answer: 1867

10. Where will the 2021 FISA World Rowing Championships be hosted?
Answer: Shanghai, China

Tie-Breaker Question: How many total medals in rowing have been awarded at all Olympic Games? Note: if there is a tie for first place in the final trivia standings, the closest to this answer will be declared the winner.
Answer: 768.