Integrating a rowing program into an athletic department can be a great way to engage a variety of students in an active lifestyle. Rowing not only offers the opportunity to be physically active, but it also builds discipline, responsibility, and comaraderie – which are great for all students.

Many secondary schools across Ontario have had great success in adding rowing to the options offered through their athletic departments. Often partnering with a local rowing club, youth can enjoy the benefits of participating in an extra-curricular activity while building relationships within the greater community.

Interested in rowing at your school? Check with your athletic department to see if your school has a program in place. If not, please refer to the tips below for starting your school’s rowing program.

Tips for Building a High School Rowing Program

Ontario universities have many strong rowing programs. Across Ontario, you will find active post-secondary rowing clubs with athletes of various levels. From novice to high performance rowers, the opportunities available to post-secondary rowers are vast. Training continues throughout the off-water season, building a strong community throughout the post-secondary experience.

Interested in rowing during your post-secondary education? Check with your athletic department for rowing opportunities.