2020-27 Strategic Plan


The process in creating the 2020-27 Strategic Plan started in the fall of 2019. After reviewing the previous plan and engaging with key constituents in the Ontario rowing community, the plan was crafted in early 2020 with a focus on the growth of rowing across Ontario. The original timeline for the Strategic Plan was 2020-2024, however the COVID-19 pandemic sidelined the goals in the first two years of the plan as rowing, like many other community-based organizations, tried to stay afloat through 2020-22.

The Row Ontario staff team re-visited the plan in March 2022 and went through a thorough process to re-evaluate the strategic goals and initiatives, to ensure what was created pre-pandemic was still relevant and realistic post-pandemic. Necessary alterations were made, and the plan was re-titled the 2020-26 Strategic Plan to give a runway of four years, the original timeline of the plan. However, as the 2022 season progressed it became evident that the Ontario rowing community was still recovering from the previous two years of limitations and interruptions. The Row Ontario Board of Directors approved an additional year extension to the strategic plan (2020-27), giving Row Ontario a full four years, starting in 2023, to achieve the goals and objectives set out in the plan.

2020-27 Strategic Plan Summary

Vision: To inspire excellence in individuals and organizations in rowing throughout Ontario.
Mission: To advance the growth, development, and delivery of rowing in Ontario.

Values & Behaviours:

  • Collaboration: We build positive and productive relationships to support and strengthen our communities.
  • Equity: We will create an inclusive environment that is safe and welcoming for everyone.
  • Excellence: We will be performance-driven and results oriented.
  • Integrity: We are respectful, transparent, inclusive, honest and accountable in our actions.
  • Innovation: We embrace a growth mindset that encourages creativity, openness, flexibility, and continuous improvement.

Strategic Pillars

  • Sustainability: Ensuring the sport of rowing continues to be vibrant in Ontario.
  • Engagement: Being present in rowing communities while also proactively facilitating opportunities for growth, diversity, and awareness.
  • Sport Delivery: Executing the coach and umpire education pathways and the development and delivery of competitive opportunities that are representative of all levels, disciplines, and classifications in rowing.
  • Athlete Development: Facilitating opportunities for all rowers to achieve their goals along the RCA Athlete Development Pathway.

Full Strategic Plan 2020-27