Submit a Chief Umpire Report

Chief Umpire Reports are important to ensuring sanctioned events continue to be safe and fair for all competitors by allowing the Chief Umpire to provide feedback to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and raise concerns to the Row Ontario Sanctions Committee and RCA Safety and Events Committee, if necessary.

When Do I Need To Submit a Report

Please submit your complete and submit your Chief Umpire Report, via email to, within three weeks of the regatta’s completion. Once the Chief Umpire Report has been received, Row Ontario will send a copy of the report to the Row Ontario Sanctions Officer and the main Regatta Organizer contact listed in the Sanction Application.

The Chief Umpire Report will be referenced when reviewing future sanction applications and may be reviewed by the Row Ontario Sanctions Committee and/or the RCA Safety and Events Committee. Your detailed feedback is important!

Questions About Submitting a Chief Umpire Report?

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