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In an effort to expand the Trillium Chase 1x Challenge Series, ROWONTARIO thought best to incorporate a large aspect of rowing into the Chase… the ergometer! Bookending he 2019 Trillium Chase 1x Challenge Series, are two ergometer events. Challenge #1: The Trillium Buy-In, 1’ MAX Meters and Challenge #8: The Trillium Indoor 6km.


The Trillium Buy-In ran the entire month of April, where athletes were able to submit their 1-minute ergometer score through social media or email. We had 6 women and 12 men enter the Trillium Chase by submitting their erg scores. The ages ranged from under 17 to the age category of 66-70. We even saw an athlete complete his 1-minute erg in full firefighter gear!


Pictured: Aubrey Oldhman, of Leander Boat Club, participating in the Trillium Buy-In.


Athletes that completed Challenge #1: The Trillium Buy-In, received a discounted entry for the next Trillium Chase events. Results and points are posted after each event on our website. Along with results, our Trillium Chase Leaderboards are updated after each Challenge.


Men’s Leaderboard & Women’s Leaderboard .


The next Trillium Chase event is the ROWONTARIO Small Boat Trials: – Everyone is welcome to enter!