The Trillium Chase is a monthly 1x Challenge Series – a single sculler’s ‘Grand Prix’ – organized by ROWONTARIO. Each month, single scullers of all ages will have the opportunity to earn points toward the Trillium Cup, which will be co-awarded to the male and female sculler, regardless of age category, who wins the most points throughout the Series. The technical details can be found here.

Any questions can be addressed to Sydney Boyes, Sport Development Coordinator: or 416-759-8405.

Athletes should refer to the Eligibility Criteria for each regatta, as listed in the individual Regatta Information Packages (available on the ROWONTARIO website and/or RegattaCentral).

NOTE: Athletes can participate at any point in the season.  Trillium Chase events are open to all athletes, regardless of how many other Trillium Chase events they have raced previously.  Athletes are not required to participate in every Trillium Chase event.

For various reasons, there were a few regattas that needed to be cancelled within the Trillium Chase  series. In order to reflect this, Trillium Chase criteria has been revised. Athletes must compete in at least ONE erg, at least ONE established regatta and at least ONE Trillium Chase specific regatta.

Categories (Age as of December 31, 2019):

Athletes will be awarded points based on their category, as defined above, not based on the event entered at each specific regatta.

Points are awarded based on the fastest time in that category, based on the parameters outlined in this regatta package for each individual regatta.

An athlete’s point total and standing, within his/her category as well as overall standings, will be updated after each event in the Series and published on the Trillium Chase page on ROWONTARIO’s website.

All medals and awards will be presented at the ROWONTARIO Awards Ceremony.  (Details TBC)

  • A gold medal will be awarded in each category to the athlete who has earned the most points throughout the Trillium Chase 1x Challenge Series and fulfilled the minimum event requirements as listed above.
  • The Trillium Cup will be co-awarded to the male and female athlete who earn the most points overall, regardless of category, and who fulfill the minimum event requirements as listed above.

There are no weight categories or age handicaps in the Trillium Chase 1x Challenge Series.  Female and Male athletes will be ranked separately within each category as separate events.