Umpires Committee

The purpose of the ROWONTARIO Umpire Committee is to provide advice to the ROWOTNARIO Board on Board-related policies, promote umpiring and the RCA umpire program throughout Ontario, and standardize and improve the quality of umpiring in Ontario.

Click here for the Committee Terms of Reference.

The current Umpires Committee is comprised of:

Andrew Smith: Chair, London

Glenn Bailey: Thunder Bay

Brian Fiori: Kingston

Dave Derry: St. Catharines

Mélanie Bryce: Ottawa

Mike Walker: Ottawa

Judy Sutcliffe: Toronto

Chief Umpires by Region

Bill Donegan
Debbie Wood
Judy Sutcliffe
Lynda Dundas
Brian Fiori
Brian Storosko
Kurt Herman
Marie-Sophie Desaulniers
Mélanie Bryce
Wes Kuran
Carol Purcer
Dave Derry
Franc Tomsic Jr.
Jane Jarvis
Louise Hastings
Murray Christie
Rich Neufeld
Tom Blacquiere
Ken Campbell
Glenn Bailey
Rick Piccinin
Janine Chaisson
Andrew Smith
Robb Blacquiere
Meredith Smith